All of our timepieces are made from high quality components such as Swiss movement, sapphire crystal glass and stainless steel 316L. The core in our business is that we believe that you shouldn’t have to choose between quality, design or fair prices.

When buying an Antony Winter watch we want you to feel the quality of the craftsmanship when it‘s resting on your wrist.


Sweden is well known for functional, minimalism and simple design - Scandinavian design at its best. Antony Winter is no exception. Our watches are designed to be the perfect combination of a modern, minimalistic and timeless design.

All of our watches are named after Scandinavian places as a tribute to our amazing environment that we are surrounded by. With our stylish design and high quality our watches are tailored to be the obvious complement to your outfit, in a price range available for everyone.


Our business model is very simple, if it doesn't add value for you as a customer… we don’t do it!

We are aware of that no company, even ourselves, can promise that every product that is sold holds the quality that is desired. Every company in all industries unfortunately encounters manufacturing issues, and that is the reason why warranties and reclaims exist. With that in mind we do everything we can to reduce these kind of issues. One part of the process is that we make one last quality control for every single product before shipping it to you as a customer. 

A regular procedure for a warranty issue is usually that you send your watch for a reparation to be made, and hopefully get it back after a few weeks later without any remaining errors. As a part of our aspiration to have the industry’s most satisfied customers we have chosen not to repair watches during the warranty period. Our way at Antony Winter is that we send you a new one instead, right away.

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